King Banaian is dean of the School of Public Affairs  at St. Cloud State University.  He is also a professor in the Department of Economics at SCSU.  He holds the Ph.D. in economics from the Claremont Graduate School.   He is author of The Ukrainian Economy since Independence (Edward Elgar, 1998), co-editor of The Design and Use of Political Economy Indicators (Palgrave, 2008) and more than forty articles and book chapters discussing monetary policy and political economy.  He has served as a consultant to central banks and governments in several developing. King was state representative in the Minnesota House for District 15B, 2011-13.  He is also host of the King Banaian Show on Business1440 KYCR broadcast in Minneapolis, and co-author of the St. Cloud Quarterly Business Report.  He lives in St. Cloud, Minnesota, with his wife Barbara.

King is available to speak to civic groups, non-profits and businesses about economics of any kind.  He specializes in the economy of central Minnesota and the state, monetary affairs, and higher education.  Contact him from right here.