First blog post

I used to blog, a lot.  When I ran for public office people told me I should get rid of the blog because I had written too much and couldn’t possibly remember and defend every word.  I did so; I wish I hadn’t.  I had some good things there.  What started off as a blog for a group of faculty concerned about higher education became a house for one, and eventually discussion turned back to economics.  I’m sure that stuff is around some internet archive somewhere if you really want to look for it.  I’m thinking instead of a new place.  Besides, I always wanted to design a WordPress blog.  (This thing will change shape frequently over the next few months until it gets to what I like, but there’s no reason not to put it in play right away.)

Nowadays most of what I think gets talked about on radio every Saturday.  It someone serves as an outlet for my classroom habits.  I am saving this blog for both my longer writings (I tried Tumblr, doesn’t work for me)  and to feature slides that I use in my presentations.  The goal is to get you interested in my writing and speaking, and hopefully engage in some dialogue.  Welcome, and please click around as you wish!